Where will your retirement money come from?
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Where will your retirement money come from? If you’re like most people, qualified-retirement plans, Social Security, and personal savings and investments are expected to play a role. Once you have estimated the amount of money you may need for retirement, a sound approach involves taking a close look at your potential retirement-income sources.

There are multiple ways to save for retirement. Let us help maximize the strategies available to you.
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Charting Paths to Realized Dreams

We provide retirement scenarios and coaching, offering a broader picture of what retirement might look like for a client. We explore scenarios, uncertainties and worries through our goals-based planning approach.

  • Income Distribution Management
  • Pension and Retirement Plan Assessment
  • Social Security Benefit Maximization
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They took a long term consultative approach where they asked me what my needs and where my pain points were in the whole planning process.

Trevor Hall

Client was not compensated for this testimonial and was a client at the time of recording, 10/26/21.

Retirement Planning FAQ

How will I pay for cars in retirement?
Strategic planning includes both adding regularly to savings and thoughtful asset management that focuses on prioritization of the goals you want to achieve in retirement. If a new car every few years is something that is important to you, it is essential that you communicate that with your advisor so that it can be taken into consideration in your retirement plan.
Should I consider Roth Conversion strategies early in retirement to take advantage of tax strategies?
The advisors at Prudeo Partners believe a thorough assessment of a client’s tax situation and retirement savings should be made to determine what strategies will be the best fit for an individual. We will work with you to make sure you are maximizing the benefit of all savings options, whether it be through Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, employer sponsored plans, retirement plans for your small business, etc. This may include a combination of all of these options and can certainly include consideration of Roth conversion strategies.
When should I start Medicare?
People typically file for Medicare benefits 3 months before age 65. Medicare benefits can begin no earlier than age 65. If you are already receiving Social Security, you will automatically be enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B without an additional application. However, because you must pay a premium for Part B coverage, you have the option of turning it down. You will receive a Medicare card about two months before age 65. Our financial planners work with clients, both to build Medicare benefits into their plans, and to support them in their questions about Medicare and Medicare supplemental insurances.
When should I turn on social security?
Selecting the best time to begin drawing Social Security can vary depending on a host of factors including current work status, income needs & current financial situation, just to name a few. Our financial advisors will work closely with you to assess distribution options and help you determine the best time to begin receiving your Social Security benefits.
Does Prudeo Partners hold my money and investments?
Prudeo Partners is an independent investment advisory firm, meaning it is not beholden to a broker/dealer, wirehouse firm, or company that sells a specific product. Our firm partners with several platforms, including but not limited to AXOS (formerly eTrade) and TD Ameritrade. These platforms and others custody our clients’ accounts. No money or investments are ever held directly at Prudeo Partners.
Can Prudeo Partners help me create an income strategy for retirement?
Absolutely! Prudeo Partners is knowledgeable in all aspects of the client life cycle, from growing wealth, to preservation, to distribution and income options. Our financial advisors are experienced in providing solutions to our clients that have reached retirement age. They will work closely with you to find a strategy that suits your needs.

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