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One of the keys to a sound financial strategy is spending less than you take in and finding a way to put your excess to work. A money management approach involves creating budgets to understand spending habits and know where your money is going.

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  • Independent, Client-centric Philosophy
  • Goals-Based Planning
  • Behavioral-Based Assessments
  • Portfolio Mapping
  • Dynamic Investment Policy Statement

They are trustworthy, honest, normal people, who will treat you like you’re a friend and take care of your money. You can trust them.

Paul Mothena

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Financial Planning FAQ

What do I need to do make sure I'm covered for an emergency?
A source of emergency cash is an essential component of a financially stable future. While the size of an emergency fund may vary depending on your personal situation, it is generally a good idea to have between 3-6 months of cash in a savings account in the event of unforeseen needs.
If a new desire or goal pops up, how can I know if I'm in a position to achieve it?
The Advisors at Prudeo Partners expect and encourage discussions about new goals, desires…even worries! We know that goals CAN and often DO change, and that’s ok. We leverage our backgrounds, knowledge, & expertise in financial planning to explore whether goals are achievable. If we find that they are not, then we start the conversation about how to get to where a client wants to go.
How are my investments performing and how should they be performing?
The Investment Team at Prudeo screens for thousands of funds to determine how to best meet the goals and objectives of the portfolios we construct. In general terms, we screen for funds in three ways:
1 – Reward: We screen for funds that consistently outperform against their peers.

2 – Risk: Are there funds available that not only give greatest potential for return, but also mitigate risk?

3 – Time: What funds demonstrate the ability to perform over rolling return periods, as opposed to linear points in time?
Additionally, our Investment Committee meets on a quarterly basis to assess existing portfolios and make adjustments as deemed necessary.
Your advisor will review your investments with you in your quarterly and annual reviews and discuss things such as why a fund may have underperformed, why a fund did particularly well, or whether any changes were made to your portfolio and why.

Should I pay down debt or invest extra cash?
In general, it is best to aim to simultaneously pay down debt, invest in retirement savings, and fund an emergency account. We at Prudeo believe that each client faces unique challenges. Our advisors are equipped to address each client’s situation with a plan customized to suit their needs.
How should I view risk in the markets and what risk should I take to help meet my goals?
Reaching a goal - such as retirement, saving for college, or purchasing that dream home at the beach – is dependent upon priority, risk, and time. The advisors at Prudeo match each of your goals with a portfolio strategy that is appropriate to the timeframe and minimum risk required to pursue that goal.
Is Prudeo Partners a fiduciary?
The Financial Advisors at Prudeo Partners act as fiduciaries, meaning we are legally obligated to act in ways that put our clients’ best interests before our own. Many of our advisors also hold the CFP®, also known as the Certified Financial Planner designation, which is one of the most rigorous levels of education an advisor can achieve.
How much access will I have to an advisor?
At Prudeo Partners, we believe everyone should have access to solid financial advice, no matter where they are in their financial journey. Our Financial Advisors meet with clients at a minimum of once per year, depending on the client preference. Many of our clients meet with our advisors on a quarterly basis. The most prepared clients are generally the ones that are the most engaged, so we always encourage frequent interaction to put you on the best possible path to success. In addition, you always have access to your advisor through phone calls and email between one-on-one meetings, and we pride ourselves on our excellent and capable support staff that is willing to step in for any customer service or operations needs.

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